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The full set of icons made for [livejournal.com profile] naarmamo (minus only the icons that were made as specific requests, and the Big Finish ones, which will follow shortly). It does include some extras and alternates not posted elsewhere. (Gosh. I know. Heh.) A fairly random mix of sources, as follows:

1-5 The Way We Live Now
6-9 Northanger Abbey (BBC 1986)
10-12 Seaside penguins
13-16 North & South) (BBC)
17-26 Text icons from Framed by Frank Cottrell Boyce
28-30 Dungeons & Dragons (Cartoon)
31-33 Elizabeth R
34-37 Life
38 Inkheart
39-40 I Capture the Castle
41-46 Doctor Who (Classic)
47-48 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
49-53 Spooks/MI-5
54-57 Sapphire & Steel
58-59 Red Dwarf
60-66 Blake's 7
67-72 The West Wing
73-74 Press Gang
75-76 Jenna Russell
77-86 The House of Eliott
87-88 The Four Musketeers
89-91 Midnight Is A Place (1977/78 ITV)


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The last of the batches that were hiding on my hard disc (although another is now building up quite nicely, too. :-D) These were lurking there the longest, as they are a bit rough, and I was going to do more and betterer (and I will). But I think they're quite nice as a small-ish set. There are also a handful from my screencaps of Peter-inexplicably-in-a-tux on the DVD extras. These are pretty much just bases, though.


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Total Icon Count: 43

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As ever: want, take, have, credit is nice and comments are ♥ (and beware dreaming alone).

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DWM have started having a YouTube recs column. I'd seen most of them before, but this one was highly amusing. And, er, instructive:

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Plus, there was an interview with Janet Fielding, which is never a dull thing:
On Hell freezing over, Big Finish, Tegan, Matthew and why the show should let Peter come back for an episode or two. And writing fan letters to RTD... )


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