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But I was fishing these two pics out for Tumblr purposes & thought I'd share (again, in both cases, but it's been a while):

Actors with small children )
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... unexpectedly spotted at the end of Carry On Nurse. I mentioned this many moons ago when I 'reviewed' the film, but could not picspam. Well, now I can, so I will.

Basically, Kenneth Connor's* character (an injured boxer) is allowed out of hospital and his wife comes to fetch him - bringing with her the little son he's been missing. So far, yada yada yada. Except it was immediately clear from the boy's reaction that it was his real son. Well, either that or he was a genius actor of a little tot. (And it was - young Jeremy Connor. I checked the internet.) So here, how nice for the Connor family that they happen to have this on film, & probably just because it was the easiest thing to do:

*(If Clocket is reading, Kenneth Connor is the one who also played Constable Constable. :-D)
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I know, why can't I do Doctor Who icons? Well, it's so easy and fun to do Carry On icons in comparison: everyone looks so cheerful, and the faces are so distinctive - literally iconic; nobody else is doing them, and the lighting and colouring is all pretty much just there. It's addictive.

Anyway, 45 Carry On Girls icons:

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I'm doing this the wrong way round. Last weekend, I didn't get much chance to watch more B7, but I did pick up this in a charity shop. I wasn't going to get this one, because of the A-Level media studies project I did. (Long story; let's just say the amount of times I ended up watching Shirley Eaton say "Relax, Mr York." put me off her and the film.

So what's all this about daffodils? )
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I seem to have developed a sideline in waffling about odd (very odd!), old videos I've picked up in charity shops.  Lately (in addition to keeping my eyes peeled for Blake's 7), I've been hoping to find some of those old, black and white Carry on films.  Yes, I know.  This is not cool by any standards, but then I've never claimed to be...

I found one Saturday - Carry on Teacher

Review (& 50 year old spoilers) )


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