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I've been so bad about writing (aside from long things, for some reason) lately that I was sadly going to pull out on my last two crossover fics, but then decided to aim for 300 words each and go for it, and stop being so stupid, and lo, there was fic. I'm sorry if they weren't worth the wait for the remaining patient two on my flist, but here goes:

Vila and Kenny Phillips )

Calling Dr Jones )

This may or may not be a UNIT fic smutty insert )

Thanks to everyone for their lovely prompts for the crossover birthday meme I held, and I wish it hadn't been such an odd summer, and I'd written them all sooner for everyone.
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In case anybody's feeling bored, or down.

Actually, this is the fault of [livejournal.com profile] dbskyler who had me checking out 'vvj5' and 'lost_spook' searches on del.ici.ous, and it turns out that my only non-fic bookmarks on there are fanvid recs, so have some more...

Let's have some Very Dramatic Trailers )
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I has Ruth icon! It struck me that if I used the icons/graphics tags on [livejournal.com profile] spooky_doings I would be bound to find some. Oh, the pain of not being able to use all of them at once. *coughs*

But, bonus, I found a malcolm vid! A Malcolm vid to Inspector Gadget.

Yes, as you can, see, I am so unexcited about this it's unreal.

Look, Spooks is the only show I love almost as much as Doctor Who. And DW just isn't this sarky and there's no Ruth. I admit, there's the Doctor and other wonderful people, but this Ruth-lessness is a downside to anything. Well, technically Spooks is Ruth-less, too, but, oh, once it wasn't.


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