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I had such nice questions for this, but then it turned out I couldn't write the answers once summer really got going. However, it's now Not Summer, so...

For [livejournal.com profile] a_phoenixdragon What show did you watch obsessively as a kid?

My first reaction was Dungeons & Dragons and while that would be true, I probably got far more obsessed with that when it was repeated when I was a teenager. However, one childhood obsession was with the serialised French-Japanese cartoon The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Basically, Cities of Gold was a year out of my life - I think I was around 9 or 10? I think everybody in my class was obsessed with it, too. When my best friend had to go into hospital, she made me promise faithfully to write to her what happened in the next episode* (and then she watched it in hospital anyway, the ungrateful thing). Even my Mum registered the fact that we watched a TV series about someone called Esteban.

While there were other serialised cartoons at that time, there weren't many, not like this (and for some reason they were almost all adaptations of literary classics with animals instead of people) so this was something special.

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I found someone had made a lovely fanvid for The Mysterious Cities of Gold! \o/

Mackerel Skies by Andraste

If you don't know, Mysterious Cities of Gold was an epic 1980s French-Japanese cartoon in about 40 episodes that was literally a year of happy obsession when I was 9 or 10. (We all loved it; it was one of those things.) Anyway, I'm not entirely sure I'd want to risk a proper revisit - but a well-done fanvid that captures the characters, the quest, the mythology and the sailing ships, the path of the setting sun and the golden condor is a very nice way to explore the memories without spoiling the nostalgia.

It had this intro. (You can't talk about it without the intro. Or singing this a lot.)

Anyway, the fanvid is cute and very well done. You should all go watch now. ;-)
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Just because.  I grew up in the 80s and there were a lot of them and I seem to have watched most of the things.  Plus, I'm pretending that Doctor Who is my favourite show.  Which it is.  Except, just maybe, for one cartoon that got in there while I was still sticking my head under a cushion and screaming "Turn it off!" when Doctor Who came on the telly.

It's time for a confession... )


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