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Here's another long overdue post: some things I have made but never posted here. (I'm like the opposite of one of those people who will only post to their own LJ. I scatter things about the place and get too tired to put them here as well. Or they're so obscure that few people would be interested. So, you know, you shouldn't get too excited at this point).

They weren't all recent, I should add. One of them I finished a year ago, and then buried and the rest are all somewhere in between.

Sandcastles, S&S ficlet )

DW/Fire & Hemlock Fic )

Midnight is A Place fic )

B7/S&S crossover fic )

And a fanvid - various )

Apologies for the mass posting, but I think that really is it. \o/
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A little bit different to some of the others, but I stumbled across this one and though it veers towards the sugary (for me), it's so beautifully done and the links so clever... I usually end up just using YouTube as music, but this one I end up watching each time because it hooks you right in. And, really, it's a little bit fairy tale...

The End of The Story (A Period Drama Montage

(The embedding is disabled, sadly, but the link is worth following.)
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For the 'I surrender' meme, [livejournal.com profile] persiflage_1 gave me this prompt: Regency-era Spooks - so a spy show, but set in the Regency era.

It couldn't really be more different to the other one... This is only part done, but I have the main set-up and the first part of the cast (naturally, it's one of those big ensemble dramas with scene-stealing guest stars), but I post this here now (before I go away for the weekend on Sat.)

I’ve cast whoever I liked in this because it’s a BBC period drama – no one is out of bounds, unless they’re dead (although generally anyone I can find wearing a bonnet or cravat just to help the scene setting). I apologise only because I know Richard Armitage is a too obvious here, but once you’ve thought ‘The main character needs to be like Richard Armitage… and Eileen Atkins is playing his grandmother’ it’s a bit late to do anything but cast him.) There is some casting overlap with my other show (guest stars only) but British TV is like that.

Cloak and Dagger - the Premise )

Cast part one )


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