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You won't be surprised to hear that I have a few books on family history and how to and all that. I have two that I like on how to write a family history. One is a UK work, the other US. I picked them up and glanced at them recently, and got rather amused by their respective opening paragraphs once I had them out side-by-side:

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They are both helpful books, (and I think both authors are starting off slightly tongue-in-cheek,), but I couldn't help sniggering at how much they conformed to cultural type once I looked at them so close together...
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Because I finally got started on Ripper Street S4 (\o/ But I am only 1 ep in; don't spoil me) and THIS HAPPENED. (No, it was not that they shot Matthew Macfadyen in beautiful blue lighting with perfect matching tie; that happens a lot. It's one of the reasons I watch.) It was much better than that (but probably only if you are me):

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In other news, Yuletide progress continues and I'm behind deadline for my Fourth Doctor recs post (the two facts are not unrelated) which I thought was today. Readers, it was yesterday. I hope to have it posted by at least tomorrow.
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I am very tired from the hospital visit (plus parents) yesterday, as it was in the afternoon. Afternoons are resting time, not doing excessively tiring things time. So I will catch up sometime soon when I am able. In the meantime, I am getting by through rewatching The Shadow of the Tower again. This inevitably led to me having a go a giffing the cute but very probably anachronistic monkey, so I am sharing that with you now, because the internet can obviously never have enough cute animals:

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I did forget something from the last post and there's also something else that needed to be posted separately, but as they're both opportunities to spend money in good ways, let's put them together.

1. The very lovely [livejournal.com profile] a_phoenixdragon is in need of some help tiding her family through a difficult time here.

2. And in a very different category, and because I do love to be an enabler of old-telly watching, Network are having another of their exciting sales here. (Having a little b'day money left, I have now ordered myself another volume of 1930s Ealing films, containing some bonus Margaret Lockwood, too. For those who haven't yet had the pleasure, I will carry on recommending Press Gang and Sapphire and Steel until I or Network cease to exist. ;-p)
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Some random icons and mini-sets I've made recently or found lurking on my hard drive. Margaret Lockwood, quotes, some random old TV peoples, and Once Upon A Time.


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1. I have been watching all the usual challenges go up over at [livejournal.com profile] yuletide, waiting for Some Day My Fic Will Come, because this year my Enemy at the Door request would qualify, but alas, Some Day My Fic Will Come has not come and my faithfulness will only be rewarded if some day my fic does come without the help of Some Day My Fic Will Come.

2. In other Yuletide-related silliness, last time I made my Shadow of the Tower request, I went on about the DIY map-making in the show, but I decided to be sensible and leave it at pantomime lions and cardboard spaceships this year. However, I did make a small gif-set on Tumblr and I'm not the only one who was amused by it, most especially Henry's epic food battle map in ep9. (I think there's another instance, but I can't remember.) I don't know why it happens; probably just because the director is Prudence Fitzgerald aka the director who is fine with showing the studio floor, the studio backdrop, having random CSO, super-close-close-ups of James Maxwell and David Collings and probably other people, vaseline on the lens, people talking to camera and whatever else she feels like. (Also, btw, SotT is remarkable because for some reason in 1972 at the BBC, 10 out of the 13 eps were directed by women. It also had a female script editor, a female historical researcher and 1 female writer (2 eps). I don't know why or how, but it's a thing. As is Tudor DIY-map-making.

3. In not entirely unrelated news, I am actually writing up the story where Ace goes on a 'date' with Henry VII that came from this meme. Sadly, though, I am not yet writing the one where Twelve and Cora Mills are buddy cops, nor am I writing the one where Twelve and Henry VII have to run a coffee shop together. Those are still free to a good home if anyone wants to win the internet.

4. And now I had better go, or my mushroom soup I'm making will pay the price for me talking about 1970s telly (again).
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...this time about things the BBC have in their archive and I wish would share with me. Well, everyone, obviously, but especially me. (Partly made because last time I did this, I discovered that against all the odds what I wanted was on YouTube.... This is not the same, however, as Things the BBC Once Had in Their Archive and have Since Wiped/Burninated/Carelessly Lost, because you know about that already. Power of the Daleks! The Naked Sun!)

* On the commentary for Revenge of the Cybermen, everyone was discussing Ian Marter at one point, and David Collings (yes, 2 out of 3 of these things will contain Mr Collings, I'm sorry, but there it is) said that he had worked with him again when they played the Brothers Grimm together for the BBC. (Me: !!!!?) After some Googling, I found this was a 1979 Omnibus episode, a documentary on the lives of the brothers Grimm, but they had dramatised sections, in which the two were played by Ian Marter and David Collings.

Can't see the BBC releasing old Omnibus episodes, somehow. Except maybe in the future if they put up EVERYTHING for download on the internet, or something. Still, it's a nice thought of the two together to have in my head.

* I am watching my way through the BBC Shakespeare as best I can (go away; I want to; I don't care who thinks they are dull or whatever) and I ended up looking at the (v interesting, actually) entry about the series on Wikipedia and noticed a throwaway fact that the first one they made was a version of Much Ado About Nothing in 1977 but for whatever reason (it seems to be suspected, because of use of regional accents by some characters) they decided the US financial backers wouldn't go for it & so didn't include that version in the series & filmed it again in 1984 with a different cast. And who, you may ask, was in this production that isn't part of the collection (and therefore not available on DVD)? Apparently, it was Michael York and Penelope Keith. I thought this might be an internet hoax, but it seems to be true. I can't even imagine them in the same room, but I WANT TO SEE IT. Penelope Keith and Michael York?

Even if it was awful and that was the real reason they kept it in the UK and out of the collection. When that entry says "available to hire on videocassette from the BBC" I suspect they don't mean for random passing individuals, especially those with a dodgy video player. I'm so curious, though. Penelope Keith and Michael York!!

* 1980 detective series Breakaway. (I started looking at this on David Collings's IMBD, because I always had a thing about there being a children's TV show I used to watch by that name, but this definitely isn't it, especially since there probably wasn't and I just amalgamated the chocolate bar and Playaway.) Anyway, it stars Martin Jarvis, who I also like a lot and this is the description of it on IMBD:

Detective inspector Sam Harvey, better known to the general public as the author of the latest best-seller for ages 3 and up, 'Breakfast at the Zoo,' would like nothing better than to retire so he can devote himself full-time to penning the riveting sequels 'Lunch at the Zoo' and 'Dinner at the Zoo.' However, he has to solve a couple of complicated murder cases first. Plot twists and red herrings abound in this intricate thriller series, and corpses turn up with distressing regularity before the culprits are finally collared.

And, apparently, it doesn't seem to have actually been a comedy, or a children's show. (I did some careful Googling). My mind, it is boggled. Plus, David Collings is playing Dr Tucker. You have no idea how much mileage I can get out of people who are or should be the Doctor being called "Doctor" for any reason. (The ITV Poirot ep Sad Cypress I enjoyed very much because Paul McGann was playing the doctor. Poirot/DW crossover with no effort! Mind, I think most DW fans do this. Er. We do, don't we??)

It was written by Francis Durbridge, who apparently did Paul Temple, so maybe that will lead the BBC to release it one day. After all, they've got to get to the end of the really obvious archive things someday. And with that concept, plus Martin Jarvis, detective, and David Collings (in S2), it wouldn't have to be all that marvellous for me to like it, anyway. (Srsly, those two = my two favourite voices ever. I might not be able to cope.)

ETA: Looking at this, I think the thing that strikes me most about that write-up is that it sounds worryingly like something I would write... If I wrote TV scripts back in the 1980s. Only mine would be a comedy.

Er. Was that post random enough? But, seriously, BBC: Penelope Keith and Michael York as Beatrice and Benedick. Soon. Please.

(I know, I know, but I just can't get quite well enough to watch normal TV when it's actually on, or cope with the iplayer. I suppose I should see about one of those Freeview recorder things and stop ogling the BBC archive, really, but... it is fun speculating about bygone stuff. And current TV has a shocking lack of David Collings, anyway.)
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INTERVIEWER: So, Lost Spook, you write Doctor Who fan fic?

LS: Yes.

INT: So what's the Doctor getting up to in your current fic?

LS: Um. He's not in it.

INT: So it's about a companion, then, or you're a TARDIS kind of girl?

LS: No....

INT: Well, scrap that. What about your last story?

LS: No. That just had Queen Victoria and Disraeli.

INT: The one before that?

LS: Erm.... No.... It did have Sarah Jane and K9, though. And Bambera.

INT: Then what on Gallifrey ARE you writing about?

LS: Okay, it's about a character who was on screen for oooh... five minutes in 1983. And a lot of original characters. But it is about UNIT, so there are cups of tea and explosions and alien slime. Even if not much else happens and Torchwood hang around and are a bit evil.

INT: I thought you said you write DW fan fic?

LS: Well, I do. Ish.

INT: Do you have any friends who do?

LS: Lots.

INT: Well, give me their names. This isn't any use.

LS: Does it help if it has a time traveller?

INT: If their name begins with 'The' or Romana, yes.

LS: So, not if it's a stray Victorian housemaid, then?

INT: What did you say your friends' names were?

LS (as INT races off in a cloud of dust): Is no one interested in history??!!!


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