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In the event of me seemingly getting worse at writing birthday ficlets, instead of better, I have for the past couple of years, taken the Unconventionalcourtship Generator and had a flash-fic writing session with it, tackling any prompts where I felt able to write both characters for [personal profile] john_amend_all's birthday. The end of June was particularly bad, so here it is, only slightly delayed.

One of the results that came up was clearly something I thought would amuse [livejournal.com profile] astrogirl2, who also had a birthday around the same time, so, I'm calling that a belated present also. Plus some bonus summaries I failed at writing. (The whole package is like a bundle of those tacky plasticky things you get at the seaside, but I had fun.) I did this on different days, before and during my family's visit, so it all got a bit out of hand. But still mostly not even shippy. /o\

Unconventional Results Under Here )
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[community profile] unconventionalcourtship is running again! It is the fest where you take a romance novel summary and kill it with fanfic write your own story from it (actual romance not necessary). It's always a lot of fun. There are banners, those are fun too. (I don't have one to hand right now, but there are lots at the comm. Some of them are even proper ships and things and not ones people made for the lols because of the tempting nature of the template.)

In the meantime, because of that, and because it's being summer, which is always unreasonable, have some summaries from the Unconventional Courtship Random Generator:

Cut for the usual ridiculous )
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Quickly, in my temporary break from Yuletiding, & in the continuing spirit of creating small nice things, let's see if I can manage some ficlet-y goodness before I return to editing and treating...

Take a pairing (or two or more characters), and put them in this random generator, then post your favourite resulting prompts (as many as you wish) in a comment below and I will try to oblige you by writing at least one of them.

As the generator only uses an "/" I'll assume you meant me to ship the pairing/moresome unless you tell me otherwise, so do note if you wanted gen/platonic/whatever. (Which doesn't, of course, prevent my results turning out accidentally gen anyway, but at least I know which to aim for.)

And while I've no objection at all to crossover pairings, please none where it requires time travel if neither canon has that as an option. (I have burned out on this temporarily at least. Even for B7, there's only so many times you can claim Orac accidentally invented time travel when bored. Well, possibly not, but spare me this meme round!)

*looks round at flist hopefully*
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1. It is nearly time for the Obscure & British Commentfest! I was in two minds whether to run it or not this year - up until a few weeks ago, ever since when I've been basically hopping up and down going "Is it time yet? IS IT NOW?" Well, next weekend and onwards, it will be. The May online b'day party for those who love obscure and British fandoms. (For a given meaning of obscure; please let's not go into that again...)

\o/ Any fandoms I should make banners of that I haven't already done?

2. I made a thing: an Unconventional Courtship Generator Tumblr. It seemed like disposing of the masses of cracky summaries I've generated via Tumblr was one of the things it might be useful for. We shall see! (Probably not. Is Tumblr useful for anything in the end, except that lonely in a crowd feeling? /cynical yet hopeful)

3. Sorry about the meme ficlets I owe. For some reason, when Victoria Wood died, it really knocked me off my stride. I don't know why. Hopefully this week! (Please send a note to other celebrities not to die and inconvenience my fannish pursuits).

... nearly the commentfest. *nods*

ETA: Also am reading more terrible Regency Romances. Latest heroines were called Roslyn and Lindsey. Lindsey has a sister called Blythe. /o\
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I'm tired, so I turned to the Unconventional Courtship Generator to amuse me and had to share again. I'm sorry, but I mean, you want to know all about that time Tegan had to edit the Fourth Doctor's epic erotic novel, surely . . .

That and the time a Dalek got together with an alien banana )

(This post brought to you by the need for Brain Bleach.)
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I actually managed to write some things for [community profile] fandom_stocking myself! I didn't get to as many people as I wanted, but that's always the way. I also managed a handful of icons and one or two other small bits, but here's the fic:

6 fics in Doctor Who, Adam Adamant Lives!, Blake's 7, & Georgette Heyer )

I also started a joint S&S fic for [personal profile] kaffyr and [personal profile] annariel, but it got too long to be attempted for Fandom Stocking, so I'm going to work on it - it's at 2000 words now and has a better plot outline than it did when I posted it, so I'm hopeful, but it may take me a while yet.
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I (for reasons*) made a B7 minor characters version of the Unconventional Courtship generator.

I think the results came out as a special brand of crack (and I didn't even have to put Bayban in it). Usually, I click through a bunch of suggestions and pick out the best, but these were all priceless. Worst of all, why are half of them so scarily plausible?

Federation romance novels, just what you always wanted )

* boredom.
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... [livejournal.com profile] astrogirl2! I hope you're having a great day!

I have not much brain today, but knowing that you're as amused by these things as I am, I generated you some Unconventional Courtship summaries to brighten your day! (Or possibly just to make your hair stand on end.)

Happy Birthday!

Randomness under here )
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Well, I still don't have LiveJournal, but I achieved soup, which is something. For various reasons, I can't be particularly productive on the pc just now, so lack of LJ continues to be a pain. In the meantime, I played with random generators (because what else do you do?) and got this:

250) His Counterfeit Condesa by Joanna Fulford
The Major and the wild English lion
Major the Ninth Doctor does not approve of Wellington sending a man on a perilous mission across French-occupied Spain, but he can see that Mr Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is no ordinary fellow! The marriage-shy major and the English lion must pose as the Conde and Condesa de Ordoñez, travelling to a high society ball, and soon Nine doesn't know what is more dangerous — the menacing shadow of French patrols, or the sensual torment of sharing a room with this tantalising charmer…

Which is kind of priceless, I have to say. I think that may win the random generators contest for today. (Can you see the Brigadier's face?)

And then I looked at the contents of the Royal Exchange Theatre tag on Tumblr, and it really is rather cool. (I am still curious about how a round theatre like that actually works, but it is obviously cool, look, so I can feel happy about how obviously I like the best people, even if nobody else has heard of them. Well, until I go on about them till everybody goes zzzzzzzzzzz...)

And, er, well, yes. Then I made a post? Hopefully productiveness will be a thing later, and maybe tomorrow LJ will come back to me and there will be joy in the world and all that. It's all right today, though. Yesterday I had my thing where I get very panicked and upset when any of the things I can still do reliably gets taken away from me. I'm very fortunate in many, many ways, but that's a thing that happens for obvious reasons.

There might be posts like this every day, sorry. A person has to do something and I already made soup and sugarless scones and that's kind of exhausted the immediate cooking options. I read too much of my book yesterday, so I mustn't read any more today. I may be driven to go and watch that other thing I obtained with James Maxwell in, if tomorrow I have blood tests and still no LJ.

ETA: Also watched this vid. It's very cheering:

Embed under here )
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So yesterday I ended up playing with the Unconventional Courtship Generator again, and made a post of summaries that amused me (as I do). But then got embarrassed about posting nonsense all the time (as I do), although of course, that was silly of me, because is that not what LJ is for? Anyway, slight repost; will promise faithfully not to delete this time. (Thanks, Pers, btw. ♥)

Warning for possible brain implosion at some points )

Talking of random generators, I've been sad a while that the lovely Genre Mixer one (the one that was eerily sentient) has gone. Ah well, I got about 40 S&S fics out of it while it lived, plus a few other random things. I did leave a note on the maker's Dreamwidth to say I was missing it as nicely as possible, but I suspect if it were easy to put back up somewhere, it wouldn't be gone, so mostly I just thanked them again. Still. :-/
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For reasons, I am still not possessed of much brain again today (though more than most of last week) and I may just have been amusing myself with the Unconventional Courtship Generator again. You know what this means. Yes, I had to share. Again.

More Mills & Boon summary daftness under here )
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Still having fun with the [community profile] unconventionalcourtship Random generator by [personal profile] john_amend_all. (It now does OUaT because I begged.)

(Mind, those original summaries... so many horrible cliches and sexism and borderline racism. Putting them into fannish use and turning them on their heads is the only good thing I think you could do with most of them. 0_o)

More fun and games under the cut )
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Still feeling grumpy (and still unable to manage being a pirate and thus still have no OUaT. *pines and sulks*).

However, fannish things!

[livejournal.com profile] apocalyptothon is taking votes for fandoms to include in a multi-fandom apocalyptic exchange.

[community profile] fic_corner (the exchange for any children's literature) is in its nominations stage. It was lovely last year.

(I'm still trying to stay strong and not sign up for anything till Yuletide, but... some things are tempting!)

[personal profile] john_amend_all has made an [community profile] unconventionalcourtship random generator. (The Mills & Boon summary ficathon). The resulting crack is pretty amazing... ETA: Because, hey, the link might help, yes? *is very tired*

Some examples under here )

Also, fills have continued to come in for the Obscure & British fest, so it's well worth checking out the Masterpost. (There's even the moving tale of love between two footnotes, as well as other terribly shiny things. <3)
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You never know what you'll find when you start opening old files. I didn't find unfinished fic in the first one I tried - I found something better worse... I apparently saved some more of those randomly generated ship fics from ages ago. And added in some Liz/Silver. I had to share. None of them reach the heights of randomly generated Avon/Servalan fic, but then, what could?

Silliness ensues )
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The 100 Things Challenge continues!

3. Random Generators
The below icons are from the Random Icon Pairing Meme the other week - apparently I lied about the 100 Icons part of this challenge. There will be more than 1 per post sometimes, if it seems appropriate. Yes, look, I made Random Pairing Icons!!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

More icons )
I love random generators. I love them for two main reasons, and the first is that I just do and they amuse me. Simple things please simple minds, perhaps? The second is that, for whatever reason, as a writer, and especially a fanfic writer, I respond well to prompts and games and other stimuli. It's fun, it leads me to unexpected places, gives me challenges (because it's all got to be in character and in keeping with the fictional universe in question). Whether it's the randomness of certain memes (like the 15 characters meme, I Surrendered, or the icon pairing meme) or actual online generators, it works for me. More plus links! )
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Following on from the last post, I mentioned I'd put Avon and Servalan in the generator and laughed myself silly. Because there is nothing so weird that seems unlikely for that pairing, anyway, so I just had to keep refreshing the page with the same input... And [livejournal.com profile] ravenskyewalker wanted to see the results.

Luckily, I'd saved them. (They were too ridiculous not to.)

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] persiflage_1 says this post should come with a no drinking (and probably no eating) warning. She is usually right, and I had trouble myself with the results and a glass of water...

Avon and Servalan do the ficlet generator thing )
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... so a sort of meme?

I've seen people messing with the drabble-matic thing (except it doesn't actually do drabbles - minus points for misuse of the term!). It asked for so much info, I didn't bother, but then thought if I put Five and Tegan in and just used words that went with them (beige, purple, cricket ball etc). It, um, well... It makes no sense whatsoever, but is bizarrely not unDW-like because it does include an attempt by one of the two to rule the world.

Disturbing Five/Tegan generated ficlet )

And I can't offer any explanation for what it gave me when i tried with Tarrant and Dayna. I mean, I know there's a lot of B7 slash, but it was a randomly generated ficlet. (I think it must be based on a certain type of fanfic cliche. Darn. Even when I put random words in a random generator, B7 won't do romance.)

More disturbing Tarrant/Dayna ficlet )

Okay, and then I did Blake and Jenna, and it came so near pr0n that I think I should stop now. But this generator definitely knows how B7 works as compared to DW. I am beginning to wonder if Orac is about on the nets...

Even more disturbing Blake/Jenna ficlet )
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This took a while, but memed from [livejournal.com profile] jjpor:

1. Go to this link:

2. Randomly generate one cheesy made-up thriller title

3. Write a drabble for your fandom of choice that in some way relates to the title generated. Be warned, some of them are a bit...non-obvious

4. If you're not fed up yet, repeat until you are!

I decided the fandom would be Blake's 7 and then (after it gave me The Phantom Menace), I got The Reality Ploy (which I like so much I want to use on something else someday, too.)

The Reality ploy )
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Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] emerald_happy, who pointed me in the direction of an English-Pirate translator:

I ran Ten Times the Doctor Got Hitched through it, resulting in bizarre pirate fic HERE

Cheered me up, anyway...

Edit: On a similar (ish) note, just found that the Random Pairing Generator now does Threesomes. And if I take it as general ingredients of a fic rather than literal shippage, there's even more possibilities for strange fic.
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Being a big fan of fun things like the Doctor Who Random Pairing Generator (even if I rarely write the results as an actual ship), and having been pointed to the even crazier They Fight Crime, I wondered what else was out there.

Well, I found two multi-fandom Pairing Generators HERE and HERE(though neither seems to include Doctor Who, sadly. I suppose you could combine with the DW one to create crossovers...)

And then this - it seemed like a harmlessly fun way to generate fic ideas if you were short of them, and then I explored a bit more and found that it includes amongst its multiple fic generators, The history scrambler (As in Queen Victoria, Goofy Sidekick etc. And 'Laura Ingalls Wilder - Warlord'. Really.) and a Character Scrambler which combines types to come up with random hilarity, or inspiration.

(But there's loads on that site - I quite like the Humorous Fantasy Class Generator as well.) Edit: It also has its own Brain hurts pairing generator with a seriously wide-ranging selection. So wide-ranging, the only two (out of 35) where I knew both characters were (!) Oskar Schindler (yes, really!)/Vila Restal and The Doctor (STV - not the Doctor/Arwen. (Plus a link to an lj comm of challenges related to pairing that require brain bleach. [livejournal.com profile] brain_asplode.

I'm going to go to bed and try not to think about any of it...

Are there any more? These things never fail to cheer me up when I'm a bit down and bored.
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I should have turned that into a meme, shouldn't I? Something like this:

Think of a Doctor Who story. Go to The Hobbit Name Generator and turn all the characters into Hobbits (or Elves if you want to be dignified). Then type the summary of the new 'story' in your journal.

How about that? The only trouble is, you have to use people with two names. Rebels rarely have these. Oh well, there goes my Completely Ridiculous Idea for a Meme. :lol:

(And Hobbit UNIT are hilarious. I wouldn't trust them to cook me breakfast, let alone save the world...)

*sighs* Yes, I know. I am so uninspired about the puppets and I have to write it NOW.
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I was exploring some daft websites at work (for work purposes, as I want to do some teen events in the summer, thanks. And I did allocate all the Branches summer reading challenge materials out, contact partners and spend all afternoon in a meeting about performance indicators, I hasten to add). I didn't really have to test out The Hobbit Name Generator again (as I know it well; it is one of the few things involving non-bloodthirsty PC games that entertained my ex-Reading Club, they of the continual chorus of "This is Boring!!"), but I did and since I've put everyone I know in it, I stuck in names from Image of the Fendahl... (I wasn't going to, but sticking one name in got such a fun result, I had to do the rest.)

Image goes all Tolkien in my head... )
More sensibly, in this meme (that I haven't forgotten, it's just that I was a bit under the weather on Sunday and now this week has been busy), I had two crossovers written for me, one by [profile] john_elliott, which is First Doctor/Sherlock Holmes. Brilliant!

The other is by [profile] daibhid_cand is Death/Dungeon Master. Which probably shows how weird I am to ask for it, but it's just right! (That's Discworld's Death meeting Dungeons and Dragons - the cartoon, of course - Dungeon Master.) Yay.

(I note this because I seem to have sort of circles of friends who are also friends and the circles don't necessarily cross over yet.)

For those awaiting their stories, I do have the ideas in my head - three's only one that might take longer. But I have to write a puppet sketch about the prodigal son first. Which I should have done rather a while ago...


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