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The 100 Things Challenge continues!

3. Random Generators
The below icons are from the Random Icon Pairing Meme the other week - apparently I lied about the 100 Icons part of this challenge. There will be more than 1 per post sometimes, if it seems appropriate. Yes, look, I made Random Pairing Icons!!

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I love random generators. I love them for two main reasons, and the first is that I just do and they amuse me. Simple things please simple minds, perhaps? The second is that, for whatever reason, as a writer, and especially a fanfic writer, I respond well to prompts and games and other stimuli. It's fun, it leads me to unexpected places, gives me challenges (because it's all got to be in character and in keeping with the fictional universe in question). Whether it's the randomness of certain memes (like the 15 characters meme, I Surrendered, or the icon pairing meme) or actual online generators, it works for me. More plus links! )
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Before I get onto the other reasons, let me tell you that I am crazy (oh, yes, you had all probably gathered that by now) and so when I found this Random Pairing Generator* the other day that will do B7 pairings (it kept trying to give me Vila/Anna Grant. Now there's a scenario that's going to go well. Avalon/Kasabi was kind of intriguing, though) I thought: yes! Now we can have a B7 equivalent of [livejournal.com profile] whoniverse1000!!

So, um, there is, or there might/will be. It's [livejournal.com profile] b7love_250 (I downsized appropriately) and I am wanting some thoughts (mostly from the B7 fans round here, but other people can look and feedback if they are feeling kind).

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Also, [livejournal.com profile] sallymn made 6 beautiful Servalan-in-white icons (see icon on this post for example). (I might have mentioned one time or other that it would be a nice thing if there were some. *guilt/joy*)

And then [livejournal.com profile] scifi_mel posted her vid of Jacqueline Pearce talking about her autobiography. (She got to go the other week, and there was only Katy Manning and Jan Chappell in the audience and everything. *is not jealous*)

So. Clearly it is Blake's 7 day today.

*Of the tiny group of fandoms on this site, it includes The West Wing and Blake's 7. I cannot imagine any of the people from those two fandoms ever coinciding, certainly not with things going well, but it amuses me a lot that the option actually exists. Oh, internet, internet. Or, oh, fandom... You have your moments.

ETA: It just gave me Toby Ziegler/Bayban the Butcher. I think that might be the unlikeliest pairing a RPG has ever given me. *brain 'splode* LOL


In other news, I decided life is too short not to have small, beautiful icons. Or something.
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Being a big fan of fun things like the Doctor Who Random Pairing Generator (even if I rarely write the results as an actual ship), and having been pointed to the even crazier They Fight Crime, I wondered what else was out there.

Well, I found two multi-fandom Pairing Generators HERE and HERE(though neither seems to include Doctor Who, sadly. I suppose you could combine with the DW one to create crossovers...)

And then this - it seemed like a harmlessly fun way to generate fic ideas if you were short of them, and then I explored a bit more and found that it includes amongst its multiple fic generators, The history scrambler (As in Queen Victoria, Goofy Sidekick etc. And 'Laura Ingalls Wilder - Warlord'. Really.) and a Character Scrambler which combines types to come up with random hilarity, or inspiration.

(But there's loads on that site - I quite like the Humorous Fantasy Class Generator as well.) Edit: It also has its own Brain hurts pairing generator with a seriously wide-ranging selection. So wide-ranging, the only two (out of 35) where I knew both characters were (!) Oskar Schindler (yes, really!)/Vila Restal and The Doctor (STV - not the Doctor/Arwen. (Plus a link to an lj comm of challenges related to pairing that require brain bleach. [livejournal.com profile] brain_asplode.

I'm going to go to bed and try not to think about any of it...

Are there any more? These things never fail to cheer me up when I'm a bit down and bored.
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I don't know if you remember my musings on the DW Random Pairing Generator. Well, I managed the day after to write the Polly / Andred / hate one, so it can be done.

It's called Monumental Incident.

(As a bonus, I reposted with slight alterations my Mel / Movie Master / forced marriage one.)

Neither of them would actually count as romantic, but I think not-quite-gen-if-you-squint was achieved.


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