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1. I have my family up visiting this week! They are staying in a farmhouse nearby, so I am still around, but will be v erratic about commenting/not commenting, so forgive me if I miss/seem to ignore anything or take longer than usual to reply, while commenting/posting elsewhere; it's just how it goes with the CFS and my socialising energy is going into rl for a little bit till they go again Friday. (My family also includes little sis and her two wee ones and bump that will eventually be another wee one. \o/) I have some Posts I Made Earlier, so I may even confuse things further by still posting.

2. There is a meme going round:

I don't have a thread (yet anyway), but I'm all for giving authors feedback (even if possibly not this week), so if you're interested in leaving nice comments/concrit/having your own thread, you should make your way over there.

3. Talking of my family and PSAs, my four (almost five) year old nephew had apparently recently been learning about death for some reason (possibly via heaven or something; it's a CofE primary school), which was fine, except that he decided he needed to share this fact with his 3 and a bit year old sister at 7.30am. Wee Niece was of course not pleased to learn about death and mortality without warning when getting ready for nursery ("Everybody dies - even Mummy and Daddy and you and me!") and was fairly inconsolable for a bit. Cue Small Nephew being sent to his room, departing with a muttered, "I'm right, though. Everybody does die!"

They are both still adorable; I saw them yesterday, it is a fact. As an auntie, I am totally unbiased and objective on that score, so if I say so, it must be true. I introduced them to Daleks for the first time yesterday, so you will be glad to see I am a responsible DW fan. (I have some tiny ones that run on wheels and can be played with by small nephews and nieces.)
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1. This week got eaten by complaining about my lack of the book I ordered to an Amazon Marketplace company but at least I have said book now, even if I may possibly wind up with two. (It's not that they were awful, it's just that I can't do these things very well at all these days, and I had to phone the Post Office delivery place, even though you can't, and talk to both my neighbours, it was terrible.)

2. But here is a better thing - [livejournal.com profile] dw_guestfest, the Doctor Who Minor Characters Ficathon is now open for prompting! You don't have to be taking part to leave prompts - you don't even need to be on LJ. (Anon commenting is on for your convenience, or you can pm me with them here, or leave them in this post if you'd rather - and, indeed, you can sign up and play that way too - there's more details in the info post at the comm.) If you have ever loved any of the one-off characters of the Whoniverse, feel free to leave inspiration and see if anyone picks it up!

3. I am still watching Doomwatch, but only in between things, because it is sheer 70s paranoia TV about the ways in which all scientific developments could KILL YOU and the apocalypse needs to come in relatively small doses. The second surviving episode is the (apparently infamous) one about the killer rats, which despite the cute fakeness of some of the rats, was indeed enough to give me nightmares, but it's very good. It was made about exactly the same time as S7 of Doctor Who (that is to say, the original S7), except it is less awesome because it doesn't have the Brigadier or Liz Shaw, but it does still make for gripping TV. (Also, there should be crossovers, they were literally showing at the same time, where are all the crossovers? I can see there will be one before I'm done, lol. Probably not for the Minor Characters Ficathon, unless some dodgy DW scientist also gets investigated by Doomwatch...)
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1. I've just done a friending meme and even actually managed to friend new people (I asked some of them myself!) (hi, new flisters!) and now of course, I am off to my parents' for Christmas, where internet access will be variable and most likely reading rather than commenting. Sorry about that.

Also because the next few posts following this will very likely be the one where I'm not here but I have to mention my Yuletide gift, the one where I'm back but exhausted, and then a wave of Yule-recs. So, um, yes, welcome? I will try and do something properly introductory in the New Year, though.

But I hope everyone who is celebrating Christmas has a lovely one, and anyone not celebrating manages to have a nice week despite any unwanted festivities! ♥

2. I nearly managed to finish the last writing meme before I went (because if I don't now, I won't) but I embarrassingly ran out of spoons with one left to go. (Sorry last person; once I cross that line, I cross that line. It was accidental!) I will have another writing meme soon enough, I'm sure. I might even get through all the prompts next time.

And here are the last three:Under the cut so as not to take up too much space )
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Well, it continues to be a week here: still nobody in charge, Labour still busy stabbing Jeremy Corbyn, who's still refusing to go; Nigel Farage hasn't vanished, race hate continues, and the most likely option right now seems that we'll Leave but stay in the Common Market, meaning that we keep pretty much everything that every Leave voter wanted not to have while not having the bonuses of MEPs, a veto, or the same level of funding, rights, and protections, making this the worst waste of time and money we've seen for as long as I can think, even before we get to the human cost in fear, hurt, and uncertainty.

Anyway, we all knew that already, so here are some hopefully vaguely cheering links. (Maybe?)

For some reason, despite some very specific anti-German hate in the Leave campaign, at least some Germans had a Twitter campaign to cheer up the UK and tell us that we're still loved.

Speculation on what exactly Arthur could do if he returned now. (Personally, I think he could be more useful than that: just think, he could chase Boris out of Downing Street and Nigel Farage out of the country*, the knights could roam around saving people from race hate, and Merlin might turn out to be a financial wizard, but amusing nevertheless.)

Petty as it is of me, I couldn't help finding it cathartic reading the MEPs shouting at Nigel Farage, including someone who asked him why the hell he was even an MEP when he hated Europe, which is a thing I've been thinking myself for a long time.

And when Nigel Farage was arguing with other MEPs the other day, one MEP behind him was visibly caught sitting with his head in his hands in despair: this is who the man in seat 123 is and what he had to say

In the not-cheerful box, but the awful thing that's so awful most people are still avoiding the subject as hard as they can: nobody in England seems to have been even thinking about Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile, in actual normal parliament sort of news (apparently that is still a thing), the Dept. of Transport were sneakily trying to kill a few of us on the quiet anyway by removing the hard shoulder on motorways.

Um, that wasn't all that cheerful, was it? It does all feel like we clicked on the wrong thingy on the computer and it started giving us melodramatic FATAL ERROR messages and that we really ought to be able to just reboot or do a system restore except we really really can't. (Also, gov'ts who think that an option is not viable in the current economic climate should under no circumstances hold a referendum where that option is one of only two available on the blithe assumption that not many people would tick that box, lol. And if they do, they should have an emergency plan just in case.)

Back to amusing things, I had completely forgotten that football was something anyone might be thinking about right now and when I hunted some of these links down, paused to wonder why the BBC were suggesting that people wanted David Beckham as PM. (They wanted him for England manager. But they said "take charge of England" and there's more than one vacancy in that department at the moment...)

ETA: I forgot to include this: practical advice on how to deal with hate crime incidents if you find yourself a bystander in one.

* Sometimes I'm not as democratic as I ought to be.
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Sorry about all the political posts yesterday, when I usually avoid such things in fannish spaces, but yesterday was exceptional. It's not every day you wake up to find out that not only have we voted to leave the EU, but that the PM has resigned, the Opposition are calling for a vote of no confidence in their leader, Scotland and Ireland are making plans to leave the UK and the economy has crashed. It's a shock. I feel like a small alien walking around in my north east town full of flags hanging out of houses, and I'm British. (I think. It's a bit hard to tell suddenly.) (I was trying to remind myself it might be for Euro 2016, but they weren't there last time, and then extra Union Jacks appeared. Oh, the irony.)

The point of this post being really, I'm sorry! Fannishness and cheer will now resume (I hope) while my country takes a few weeks/months/years to figure out what comes next (politics is mostly v slow) and hopefully we'll all work to make things get better. And I have a hurt/comfort bingo table to work on while the country falls apart, which seems vaguely appropriate...

But for the moment: I just don't know or recognise my country any more. I don't know what it is or will be. I didn't know I could feel like that. It's unhelpful, but it's true. What may come may be good, but for today I am very sad - for me and for everybody else who didn't want this, especially those who didn't even get a say and who have now been made to feel afraid and unwanted here. <<♥>>
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We just left the EU. I didn't think it would really happen when it came to it. The thing is, regardless of what rational reasons there might be to vote Leave (because life and politics is always complex, regardless of where I stand in them), this campaign wasn't run on them; we didn't hear any of them - it was run from start to finish on pure hate for all 'foreigners'. And 72% of Britons came out and voted, 48% Remain, 52% Leave. And a good portion of the Remain vote was Scotland alone, so England (and sadly even Wales) is even more proportionally to blame.

My country is a xenophobic, racist country. It's official. We voted Leave because we have an island mentality and we hate the rest of Europe and all immigrants. It would be lovely to think it was at least for other reasons, but that's not what the Leave campaign was about, so I don't have the luxury of clinging to illusions . I'd really, really have liked to believe that the Leave people were a noisy unpleasant minority, but they're not. They're at least half of us and so we'd risk economic collapse, all for hate, misplaced blame and flag-waving. (But, Europe, nearly half of us don't hate you. What can we say?)

What the practical fall-out will be, who knows. It looks like we're set for more recession at least in the short term and possibly Boris Johnson as PM by October. I just hope, the political climate being what it is, none of the rest of these right-wingers in Europe feel inclined to follow our example. The world needs the other countries to at least try and be better than us. It shouldn't be too difficult right now.


25 Dec 2015 02:44 pm
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Just dropping by briefly, because Yuletide! Dear flist, I got a fic for Dracula (1968)! And I didn't know what anyone could possibly make of my babblings, but my author (who I hope wasn't left tearing their hair out) wrote this fic, which is just an utterly gorgeous and subtle take on post-canon. It's short but it's got a lot in it - if you have any familiarity with the original Dracula, even if not for this one, please take a look and shower them with the love the fic deserves! (And which, hidden in such an obscure fandom, it might not otherwise get - sorry AGAIN dear author, if you see this!)

Bookmarks and Garlic Flowers (1061 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dracula (TV 1968), Dracula & Related Fandoms
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mina Harker/Lucy Weston/John Seward
Characters: John Seward, Mina Harker, Lucy Weston
Additional Tags: Post-Canon

On rational explanations.

It looks as though I should have a little treat tomorrow in Madness, too, so \o.

I hope everyone else taking part is also having a good Yuletide! And Merry Christmas to those (like me) who are celebrating. (I need to go away again, because I must rest before my sister arrives with two very small people that I'm looking forward to seeing!)
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Before I disappear for Christmas (and, hey, have a nice one everyone if you're celebrating; good luck with the avoidance if you're not ♥), a few last [livejournal.com profile] runaway_tales:

Fish Out of Water (PG, 5022 words. Edward Iveson/Julia Graves, Roderick Howe, Margaret Howe, Jane Howe, Sylvia Howe.) This wasn’t what Edward and Julia had in mind for their first wedding anniversary…

Little by Little (PG, 14x 100 words. 1908, 1923, 1937, 1947, 1952, 1957, 1963, 1972, 1980, 1986, 1991, 1992; John Iveson/Elizabeth Long, Edward Iveson/Julia Graves, Hanne Graves, Christy Graves, Ron Whittaker, Charles Terrell/Marian Dalton, Anna Miller/Louise Murray, Elizabeth Miller, Michael Seaton, Liz Cardew.) Tea and conversation, and hope.

In Memoriam (PG, 1326 words. Edward Iveson, John Iveson, Elizabeth Long.) How does someone say goodbye? (Written for Flavour of the Day: valediction.)

Truce (G, 693 words. Edward Iveson, Elizabeth Long.) It’s been much too long since Edward has seen his mother… (Written for Flavour of the Day: irenic.)

I may pop up again in between, but I may not. And when I am back (in a week), I'll inevitably be very unwell/tired as a result, so I'll just see you all at some point on the other side.
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1. [livejournal.com profile] clocketpatch has some friends needing help with their imigration fund

2. Another user has collected really helpful links for how to help with the Syrian refugees & to try and get governments like the UK to try and actually respond (we're being shamingly terrible about it). Anyway, links here and some for US-ians, too, here)
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1. My parents are up visiting, so I may be more erratic and less comment-y than usual (or not, we'll see) but if I miss something, that's why. (We had to watch an episode of Public Eye yesterday and Dad was complaining to me about Frank leaving Mrs Mortimer. It was great, but seriously surreal. What have I done, people? I'm only sad I won't be there to see it when Mrs M turns up again.)

2. Marvellous Twelve & Clara vid by [personal profile] purplefringe; seriously, it encompasses so much, it's excellent:

Cut for embed )

3. [livejournal.com profile] frelling_tralk is running an X-Files friending meme.

4. As ever, I'd swear there was something else. Imagine it here. It was probably the most important thing. ;-) (Well, other than that swordznsorcery is very kind and sent me a file full of James Maxwell gifs from his ep of The Champions for me to wake up to this morning, and what more can one ask for from someone? ♥)
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Well, I am still not back on LJ, so forgive me if I'm ignoring you. (I can see people's comments on my posts via my email, but I have absolutely no way to reply or read anything on LJ until it deigns to let me back in.) If it's not back by this evening, I may need someone to put in a report for me, if anybody's willing, because it's getting silly now. In the meantime:

1. I have started watching Man at the Top (Thames, 1972), and the next two episodes should have James Maxwell in. I knew he was playing somebody called Bernard MacLaine, and throughout this ep, he hasn't appeared but everyone keeps talking about him. Apparently, he's a really mean millionnaire who goes round firing people and closing factories and also is very puritannical. The anti-hero may be going to steal his wife. I await his actual arrival with interest... (I am amused that the other week I watched him being someone called Peter Kane and this week it's Bernard MacLaine. If he plays any more rhyming people, I could write a poem. Simms could probably do an awful limerick.)

(I might have got the day muddled for my blood test, so now I am going on Thursday instead. This bit was entirely my ME muddled-ness, whoops. I usually double-check everything because I know I do things like that. /o\)

2. Also Remix has been revealed in the night! I wrote two fics, one for [personal profile] scripsi in the main collection, and one for Madness, for Redrikki. And I need to thank [personal profile] paranoidangel for her remix of my Ruth/Harry AU, All Russians Are Spies (The Retirement Remix), which I had strongly suspected. (We do have this tendency to get assigned to each other!) It's still awesome if you haven't read it yet.

First up, I remixed parts of Scripsi's A Little Less Than Kin series, which was huge fun to do:

Unrelated (The Loop the Loop to Affinity Remix) (2971 words) by lost_spook
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005), Doctor Who (1963)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: The Master (Delgado)/River Song, The Doctor/River Song, The Doctor/The Master (Doctor Who)
Characters: The Master (Delgado), River Song, Missy (Doctor Who)
Additional Tags: Remix, Death, Timey-Wimey

It takes time to achieve perfection. Several times, in fact. Both the Master and River Song know this a little too well.

Then, when reading through the sign-ups for Madness, I found a wonderful Ats/Pushing Daisies ficlet that accidentally happy-ending-ed everything. I couldn't resist remixing it (and accidentally ruining things again, because once you start writing AtS-side, as opposed to the pie-and-dead-people side, something has to go wrong.)

Criss-Cross My Heart and Hope To Die (The Lattice-Top Rebake) (1327 words) by lost_spook
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Angel: the Series, Pushing Daisies
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Angel (BtVS), Olive Snook, Ned (Pushing Daisies), Emerson Cod
Additional Tags: Remix, Crossover, Humor, Pie

Angel has a seriously weird experience in a pie shop.

So, that was Remix, and I mustn't forget to post the DW to Teaspoon now that I'm free to own it. Otherwise, I am probably mostly proud of my terrible titles, really.
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1. I had a bad few days for various reasons, and, as ever, I tend to slip up on LJ when that happens. I'm caught up again, but apologies if I missed things. Today feels a little better at least! (Nothing terrible happened, but I went very low & technology failed on me at some points - if anyone knows of a good alternative to the VLC-player that isn't either madly fiddly & thus slow or also affected by this aspect ratio bug re. screencaps, I would be happy to hear about it. The only reason I have VLC Player is for screencapping. I do have another program that does it, but it's fiddly & stupid in many ways so I only use it when I'm forced. Also my little TV/DVD player broke yesterday, which is almost in the terrible category. I feel ridiculous that one person should need two TVs, but getting rid of the proper one downstairs would be silly & unhelpful and I can't quite get by yet without my little one to hand for the lowest days when downstairs is too much to handle. :-/)

2. Naturally, in the middle of this (well, prior to the TV-demise), I applied my usual solution of watching old TV with favourite actors and reached the episode of Hadleigh that starred James Maxwell. Hadleigh is not a show that goes in for villains, but they made an exception for James Maxwell. However, it was a nice role and nobody attached anything to his face whatsoever, so overall that was a win. I'll do a picspam and waffle more about that sometime. (Obviously I braved my annoying program to cap that one. But. Argh.) (I was meant to be watching the previous episode, but it was by the same person who kept writing about people wanting to impregnate everybody in Survivors and I promised myself that if he wrote one word about pregnancy, I was skipping to James Maxwell. I thought that was a joke, but the episode was about someone thinking she was pregnant. Dear God, all these 70s writers with weird obsessions that people keep letting them write...! /o\ I skipped to James Maxwell and was very happy to do so. Even if he was villainous.)

3. Anyway, nice things! Remix Redux went live this morning last night* & I had the lovely surprise of discovering that someone had remixed my Spooks ficlet where Ruth and Harry live happily ever after running a bookshop in Devon. So now there is more Ruth/Harry/Bookshop/can't stop being spies ever fic in the world & I rec it heartily to anyone who knows Spooks:

All Russians are Spies (The Retirement Remix) (1278 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Spooks | MI-5
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ruth Evershed/Harry Pearce
Characters: Ruth Evershed, Harry Pearce
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, bookshops

Ruth's happy, running a second hand bookshop in Devon. Harry, however, is bored.

(I've read/looked at a few other fics, too, and I think I might have guessed at least three authors in the process, but I have some reading to do later on when I might be properly awake. Remix Madness won't go live until probably actually tomorrow for me).

4. Working on an hc_bingo square still, though! Should be done soon! (I mean, that square, not the card, or even a row yet, obv.)

* It was this morning for me!
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1. LJ, whatever that stupid bar thing is at the bottom of my page, make it go away now, or I'll be off myself. Aargh. (It's the small things, sorry. I don't want it; it annoys me, and I've got my browser lower so that at the moment it's hidden behind the desktop toolbar thingy, but I'd rather make it go away.) The good thing about LJ is that someone's bound to come up with a way to do that pretty quickly, at least. *sigh* LJ, you'd been doing so well lately, too.) ETA: Yay, someone knows a way to turn it off. (Go to Profile: Settings: Extensions & untick the LJ Times box. Hurrah! Thanks, a_phoenixdragaon!)

2. Yuletide assignments are out, and the period of secrecy begins. I'm pleased with my assignment, but also very amused, for reasons. I hope everyone else is okay with theirs, too? Good luck! See you at reveals...

3. I went to the doctor's this morning, so was a bit weird but happily (unhappily?), I was at the last ep of SotT and therefore could come home, watch it, and cry in the good way. Very helpful. Thanks, 1970s BBC. (I can always rely on them to make me cry these days.)

(I also yesterday finally watched the extra on the DVD - a 50 min drama from 1969 called "The Tower: The Innocent", from which SotT was eventually extended. It has different actors - except for James Maxwell. Which is weird. He's Henry VII, but not the SotT Henry VII, just, well, a rather stern king. I was writing a whole post making comparisons and then realised that nobody else has seen either of them except maybe Liadt and I should either not or at least wait till I had pictures.)

4. Talking of which, have a vidlet I made two years ago for a Hallowe'en [community profile] fan_flashworks challenge, since it's Hallowe'en and I've just been appropriately rewatching this very episode. (Death masks, people! Death masks. Creepy. *nods*) (It's even more appropriate when you factor in the James Maxwell ghost story. ;-p Though, it's possible I was just being shippy and gloomy at the time, but what the hell.)

(I don't really do Hallowe'en, but I like some spooky things. ♥)
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1. I need to work on titles of posts.

2. [livejournal.com profile] sixathon is happening! You can sign up now (until April 12th) at the comm, or its Dreamwidth mirror, [community profile] sixathon if you prefer. \o/

3. I am ordering something on Amazon, but two of the marketplace sellers seem to be having a mini-price war over the thing I want. Every time I go back to my basket, it's gone a few pence cheaper. So I'm hanging on for a bit longer. I don't know when one of them will concede defeat and then it'll stop, but it's amusing me and saving me pennies. (Literally.)

4. Doctor Who tonight!

5. I'm sure there was something else I meant to say.
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Apart from the things I remembered I forgot anyway...

1. Another thing from the flist: I've been following [personal profile] wrangletangle's posts about AO3 tagging, looking at femslash/female-centric tags during February (via [community profile] halfamoon). Anyway, you might like to look at this post about the Women Being Awesome tag. It's canonical and can be used to filter works helpfully and it can be improved by more people using it (where relevant) and by adding individual "x is awesome" sub-tags. Once they've been used by three users, they're canonical.

So I added quite a few people where it seemed appropriate to me for my fic on AO3. And it does seem to me that if some of you had a moment to do the same, we could quite easily improve matters and make, say, "Leela is awesome" canonical (because she is, anyway). Or Romana, Martha, Liz, Barbara etc. etc. If you're wondering, when the post was made only five women had canonical "awesome" tags and none of them were from DW. You can also see who else I tagged there, too.

But, anyway, I realise I'm strange and like thinking about tags and things and also have the time to do such low-level things at the moment.

2. Not a thing I forgot, but in rl news, I went to see an ex-colleague at the library today about volunteering soon for an hour every fortnight (doing something not too taxing, I'm a great volunteer, ha). So that's good. We'll see how it goes, but it's definitely a Step Forward. \o/ (Also, she said at the end how much she and everyone missed both of us children's librarians now we're not around to spread glitter about the place. ♥) It's also just a tad ironic, really, isn't it? Never mind.
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[livejournal.com profile] pitry gave me a G.

(I was going to do the last 3 letters together, as I'd kept them shorter... and then G got epic, with a poem, a recipe and a sort of condensed version of my old Greenaway talk. I promise that L and D will be much more restrained.)

G is for...? )
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It's [livejournal.com profile] fic_rush! (And all right, I realise that it's been going on for 20 hours already, but I was distracted.)

So, just a reminder for those not already over there writing/cheerleading/procrastinating/fighting ninja penguins/drinking coffee, that you should be heading in that direction now.

In other news, I broke my glasses/my glasses broke (am waiting for new pair and not liking being reduced back to my c.2004 pair I never liked much anyway. Because I broke the previous pair as well, yes).

But I did not let this stop me making another fanvid from the Carry On clips you will be dismayed to hear. It is this: Even the Bad Times Are Good. A general tribute/montage, but I like to think of it as my entry for the Most Cheerful Fanvid Ever competition. (If there were such a thing.) Feel free to see what you think; I hope it makes people smile.

[livejournal.com profile] naarmamo continues to be interesting and fun, and I am all admiration at other people's art. In the course of trying to experiment, I have been learning about brushes on my image programme and can now make icons that have sparkly bits on. The next step will be restraining myself from putting sparkly bits on every icon... (I'll hopefully do an update post tomorrow).
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Firstly, I am wearing contact lenses. This is really peculiar, but very exciting. (Although I did think for a bit that the very kind and patient woman at Boots wasn't going to let me have them... because of my initial inability to take them out. I must say I wondered what it would be like putting them in, but hadn't thought about how weird it would be sort of pinching at seemingly non-existent things in your eyes. However, I managed it.)

Secondly, and what I was meaning to say - I've been doing some actual writing!: I finally finished my DW/Angel crossover last night (now up on Teaspoon HERE). I must thank [livejournal.com profile] dbskyler who has probably forgotten that she answered my what-should-Peri-sing-at-karaoke question last spring or something - and gave me not only a sensible answer to that but also a fun last line. So: thanks!

Plus, have a random drabble! I've been going back through some of the old [livejournal.com profile] dw100 challenges recently and was trying to do one per Doctor for the 004/020 challenge 'crossover'. I did this one and then realised that not only was it obscure (as ever), but it didn't have a Doctor in it, so it didn't count (for my own personal satisfaction, I should add - [livejournal.com profile] dw100 are wonderfully non-prescriptive!). So: Tegan Jovanka has a new employee at the famliy cattle feed business who isn't the least bit scared of her bossiness... (I don't know why I keep using The Gathering continuity when sometimes I don't want the audio to exist, but then Tegan's arguments about why she ended up in the business are fun)(DW/Press Gang):

Just Like Home )

I've got my third fake TV Show nearly done, but I'll hold fire on it for a bit, because it's also Regency-set, so I don't want to follow Cloak and Dagger with it too swiftly.
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Well, I am back & will be catching up with people soon.

My trip to London included a day trying to find bridesmaids' dresses (my youngest sister is getting married in Sept) and this seemed like a tough proposition, given the budget, the varying tastes of the 3 bridesmaids (me being one) and the bride-to-be... and we did it. We picked up something unexpected, very different, that we all liked, and flattered all of us in somewhere we never would have thought of, in the sale. We are gleeful. If I reveal details, even under flock to a bunch of people who couldn't care less, I would be hung, drawn and quartered, so I shan't. Besides, I don't think you want stuff about dresses. (It's blue. I'll go that far.) And then we got into see a show cheaply in a mad rush - in the stalls! It was a bit of randomly great day. I also spent all of yesterday at The National Archives. I love TNA, but what I'm currently researching involves me ordering 3 volumes, waiting 40 minutes, looking in the index (No, no, no / yes) and then waiting at least 20-30 minutes for the next... I suppose if I was organised I would research something complementary at the same time. Still, I did find two new pieces of information, so it was not in vain. All the waiting is bad, because they have a bookshop full of history stuff.

And I have been plotting out casting and things for shows 2 and 3. (I know I posted a bit of Show 2, but it is actually missing major characters and some stuff is wrong, so stand by because I just posted all the background family stuff really before...)

Just a plea: out of current actors around who would you cast as the Duke of Wellington? (You can see a pic of him HERE.)
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...looking for a present for my Dad. (And since his birthday list is miles too short, he still hasn't got one, but I have an idea.)

And then I saw Blake's 7 S3 sitting on the shelf, all on its lonesome. ("It's a sign!" cried my optimistic self. The other half of me raised an eyebrow and said, "It's £10 dearer than on Amazon, you were supposed to be having a break, you've still got the commentaries, you want to write your story and don't be silly.")

And then while I was staring at it battling temptation (get this straight, Tanith Lee wrote an episode?) a 10 year old boy and his mum arrived beside me and started looking at the Doctor Who stuff. I earwigged, as you do. And what was he after? He only likes Colin Baker, apparently. This made my day and I forgot I wasn't allowed to do the Librarian thing and stepped in to help Mystified Mum ("I like David Tennant") who was baffled by the absence of a Season boxset, barring this Trial of a Time Lord thing by explaining how classic DW releases worked. "He really loves Colin Baker," she informed me with a shrug, obviously thinking I was sane (which she wouldn't if she'd known I was staring at B7 S3).

Isn't that great?

Which reminds me, I haven't actually signed up for [livejournal.com profile] sixathon properly yet. I at least know which companions I want prompts for. I'm looking forward to it - the time scheme is pretty decent and I do like writing for Six.

I'm just rubbish at coming up with prompts. I mean, if I had a story idea, I'd probably be writing it, more fool me.

I just thought of an overly cute ending for Strange Weapons. *Glares at self* Said story is not cute. Well, it had better not be. Grr.

Oh, I didn't buy S3!


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