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1 Mar 2016 01:20 pm
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I've managed a few of the AU Meme ficlets so far (and a few still yet to come). I have been posting them to AO3 & of course in the comments, but in the absence of other things going on, I thought I might as well round them up here, too:

Liz Shaw )

Justin Alastair, Duke of Avon )

Nine & Rose )

Adam Adamant & Georgina Jones )

Harry Pearce/Ruth Evershed )

Leela )

Roderick Alleyn )
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Title: Mistaken
Author [ profile] lost_spook
Rating All Ages/ PG
Word Count 1472
Characters Sixth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Summary Rose makes a little error with the dimension canon and gets far more than she bargained for.

Um *in small voice* this technically is Doctor/Rose fic, but does that count if it's Six/Rose? ([ profile] persiflage_1, you remember you said the only thing I could do to put you off my writing would be to suddenly start writing Doctor/Rose fics...? I promise not to make more than an occasional habit of it. I thought I ought to warn you, as you've got me favourited.)

I'd like to blame this on Death by Asprin, but I think it was entirely my own fault, if I'm honest. It came from us discussing swapping Doctors and episodes and so on. Which I started. [ profile] jjpor, what did you get me into?
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For [ profile] john_elliott, who requested (in rhyme, no less) that Rose Tyler should meet Sergeant Cuff (from Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone. If you haven't read it, go and find a copy immediately, along with the equally wonderful The Woman in White.)

A Rose and a Thief )

And you'll note that I also fail at a conversation with no backstory. Even the narrator has one. Ah-hem.


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