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Some more sad news for Doctor Who fans (well, of the Classic variety at least): Deborah Watling has died, aka companion Victoria Waterfield. A lot of people have linked to the clip from Tomb, but it is such a beautiful scene, so I'm going to do it as well:

(Forgive the embed outside the cut this once.)

Victoria was a companion that I always liked the idea of more than what they actually did with her most of the time, but Debbie Watling always seemed pretty lovely, and she had a very good relationship and rapport with both Patrick and Frazer. My old telly adventures have also led to me watching her (at least briefly) appear in The Power Game, along with her father, Jack, who was a regular (a favour which she returned in DW, getting him cast as Professor Travers in two of the Yeti stories).
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1. I have made a long Two-era recs list for [livejournal.com profile] who_at_50. It is here if you are interested in lots of very good Second Doctor-related fanworks (fic and vids, really). Also, please add your own recs in the comments! My list can only ever be my limited list, plus there could be more fanart/mixes and things like that, if they exist. Anyway, I have finally contributed and hope to follow it up with *shock* a similar post for One next month.

2. The [livejournal.com profile] yuletide Tag Set is open. At the moment, it's still in the error-checking and challenging stage, so some things may need to be fixed/added/removed, but that's pretty much it. There are lots of lovely things in it, but mainly I am sad, because there really is no Blake's 7. I will go back and enjoy all the shiny things that are there soon but... no Blake's 7. I know I said I knew it was ineligible... but no Blake's 7. (I'll get over it in a decade or so, I suppose. Just, you know I miss the ten year rule a lot and hope they bring it back, or a twenty year rule. Or a thirty year rule. or even a forty-year rule, because it won't be that long.)

For those who don't know what Yuletide is - I always forget to explain because I came quite late to it and everyone else seemed to know, but this is actually not true - it is the largest fanfic exchange going and it is solely for rare fandoms and it is amazing. You can take part in several ways.

You can sign up! Sign-ups will start at some point this week and go on for a while. (Okay, details at the main collection profile.) You look at the tag set (linked above) and request fandoms and characters from that you would love to have fic written about and then you offer the fandoms you are willing to try writing for.

Or you can stalk the comms and the pinch hit lists and just write people requests anyway if something takes your fancy. (It goes into the main collection if it's over 1000 words. If it's under, you need to wait till the special treat collection "Yuletide Madness" opens for posting the week before Christmas.) You can also offer to beta for people - most people are writing in different fandoms, so may not be able to go to their usual beta for help. You can (for the moment) even still write for last year's requests and post them in the New Year's Resolution 2013 Collection (and the same will happen again next year with this year's requests).

And, of course, you can just watch the collection and read it when it goes lives and leave comments and kudos and love all over it.

I've done it the past three years, mostly while much too ill to take part, and it's been wonderful even so and I regret nothing (though it's always possible my recipients would disagree). So, if it interests you and several fandoms on the tag set appeal, you could sign up too! You can always default if you find you have to. (There's no penalty if you do it by a certain date). It's my most favourite fannish thing of all. (Tragic lack of B7 notwithstanding.)

You will need an AO3 account, but if you don't have one, I understand the queue for an invite these days is down to about 24 hours on average, so it's easy to get one. Or a friend with an account might have one to give you, anyway.

That doesn't explain the hippos, the bears, the flanicking and other such things, but you can ignore those. Or you could read The Tough Guide to Yuletide.

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Icons I've made but somehow never posted over this past year. Maybe some were even longer ago? Anyway, FINALLY...


Credsit: Textures by [livejournal.com profile] tiger_tyger and [livejournal.com profile] twinstrikeish & probably some others. The usual rules apply: want, take, have, credit. No hotlinking, comments are ♥
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I found a Ben/Polly fic languishing without any reviews. We can't have that! Especially when it's as nice as this one is.

Uncertainty by mithrel. (All Ages; 2401 words; Two, Ben, Polly, Jamie).

Ben is trying to work things out (including how to make a proposal when there's never a moment's peace from alien monsters). It's really quite sweet (and I like the Doctor's solution early on of paying Ben 'danger money' for War Machines, Daleks, Cybermen...). And the alien ring showing up Ben's true worth.
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I did warn you, didn't I? (Not yet up on Teaspoon, but in time...) Edit And now it's been approved, for all the world to see.

Title Five Times Polly Patched Up Ben (And One Time Ben Got To Do The Honours)
author [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook
Rating All ages
Characters Second Doctor, Ben Jackson, Polly, Jamie McCrimmon
Summary In which Ben gets injured by everything from Cybermen to TARDIS appliances. Luckily for him, Polly's always there to pick up the pieces. More or less, anyway. (Being an unashamedly Ben/Polly fic, of course).

Written to cheer myself up on a rainy morning last week and because I don't seem to be any nearer to writing anything sensible with Ben and Polly in it and there really can't be enough fic with the two of them in for my liking. It's bad enough that so many of their episodes are missing.

I met them first through novelisations and PDAs and so on, all of which coyly suggested that just possibly, maybe, Ben might like Polly and vice versa. Finally getting to watch The War Machines and discovering there was nothing coy or maybe about it amused me no end. (Although possibly not as much as Polly in The Power of the Daleks when she harangues her kidnapper for threatening a helpless female and tells him he wouldn't be so brave if he was facing "a real man - like Ben!" Mind you, Ben's worrying that Polly only wants a bit of rough to mess about with is also... Is this still Doctor Who? How can you not love them?)
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A quick drabble. This is entirely in aid of ensuring that this scenario is a cliche. Um, don't ask.

Quiet, Victoria! )
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Time for a This Time Round story, I feel.  And where else can I start but with this bit of fun & nonsense, even if it wasn't my first entry to the Round?

If you’re new to the concept of This Time Round, the pub outside reality where Doctor Who characters go when they're not in a story, then go to the main page of the site and do a bit of exploring.  The FAQ will give you the lowdown & recommend some stories to start with.



This Time Round info )

The story:

The Second Doctor’s got a copy of the book 'About Time 2' and finds the essay at the back: 'All Right, So Was There Any Hanky-Panky in the TARDIS?'

Needless to say it causes chaos, murder and outrage.  So, just your average night in the Round.


Extract )


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