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Apart from the things I remembered I forgot anyway...

1. Another thing from the flist: I've been following [personal profile] wrangletangle's posts about AO3 tagging, looking at femslash/female-centric tags during February (via [community profile] halfamoon). Anyway, you might like to look at this post about the Women Being Awesome tag. It's canonical and can be used to filter works helpfully and it can be improved by more people using it (where relevant) and by adding individual "x is awesome" sub-tags. Once they've been used by three users, they're canonical.

So I added quite a few people where it seemed appropriate to me for my fic on AO3. And it does seem to me that if some of you had a moment to do the same, we could quite easily improve matters and make, say, "Leela is awesome" canonical (because she is, anyway). Or Romana, Martha, Liz, Barbara etc. etc. If you're wondering, when the post was made only five women had canonical "awesome" tags and none of them were from DW. You can also see who else I tagged there, too.

But, anyway, I realise I'm strange and like thinking about tags and things and also have the time to do such low-level things at the moment.

2. Not a thing I forgot, but in rl news, I went to see an ex-colleague at the library today about volunteering soon for an hour every fortnight (doing something not too taxing, I'm a great volunteer, ha). So that's good. We'll see how it goes, but it's definitely a Step Forward. \o/ (Also, she said at the end how much she and everyone missed both of us children's librarians now we're not around to spread glitter about the place. ♥) It's also just a tad ironic, really, isn't it? Never mind.


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