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And first, just a brief note from last night: New Tricks went to Thames House. I sqeaked a bit. I mean, technically not a crossover, but Gerry (Dennis Waterman) and Brian (Alun Armstrong) go to Thames House, and sit in a room reading files for two days. The files seem to contain a lot about biscuits. In my head this is definitely a semi-official Spooks crossover. Plus, that was so the same exterior and lobby location.

Anyway, back to the actual insanity contained in this post. The trouble with Jury Service, is you get lunchbreaks in the middle of M'bro town centre, and so you end up buying unexpected DVDs on offer. So, I couldn't resist Victoria Wood: As Seen on TV, (the last time I watched it I was so young I wondered why each episode had a serious documentary in it, so I thought it was time for a rewatch.) And then I decided to icon two of the three most legendary things about the series (and some extras), so here you go:
Acorn Antiques, the (mad, right-wing) continuity announcer and some random others.

Featuring: Celia Imrie, Julie Walters, Victoria Wood, Duncan Preston, Patricia Routledge, Jim Broadbent, Susie Blake

victoria wood,as seen on tv,icons victoria wood,as seen on tv,icons victoria wood,as seen on tv,icons

Total Icon Count: 69

Icons Here! )

Just to enlighten anyone terminally confused:
Acorn Antiques was a serial sketch parody of a cheap soap (especially Crossroads, but anyone who's seen a bad soap will get the joke of miscued entries, OTT storylines and bad camera angles). Acorn Antiques Part Two )

I'm not sure it's possible to icon the third most legendary thing about the series (well, not in any worthwhile sense), so have that, too: Ballad of Freda and Barry )

Icons: Want, take, have, credit. Comments are ♥


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